Watch Canelo vs Jacobs Fight Live Stream Online

The upcoming super middleweight unification title fight which involves Jacobs vs. Canelo will happen. The next spectacle takes place on Saturday Night, May 4th, 2019. Both parties have confirmed about the event, and you will want to witness it if you are avid boxing fans. Reserving the option to watch canelo vs jacbos live stream is a great idea. Here you will be able to figure out the way to watch jacbos vs canelo live stream fight live stream online.

canelo vs jacobs fight live stream


Canelo Alvarez vs. Daniel Jacobs will happen on Saturday, May 4. The officials have confirmed that the main card will occur at 9 p.m. But both fighters will likely to enter the ring at around 11:30 p.m. however, you will want to stay tuned long before they appear since you surely don’t want to miss every rare moment in the event.


Saul “Canelo” Alvarez will take on middleweight champion Daniel Jacobs at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. This event will stop the city for a while. If you plan to attend the venue, maybe it is too late to seek the strategic seats. But, you may still be able to purchase a ticket for the tribune seats.

The official broadcaster

To watch the spectacle live stream, there is an official way that you can take. DAZN is the official live streaming service that will broadcast the full event. You can’t go wrong with this option. The coverage is available for all users through this service. The live streaming will happen around the world. So, no matter where you are, you will have the privilege to watch the match from your device. If you are living in the UK, you could tune in Sky Sports to watch canelo vs jacbos live stream.

For your information, the DAZN holds the exclusive rights to broadcast the upcoming fight Canelo vs. Jacob fight in the US. You will be able to use the service if you are living or traveling in the US. So, you will want to register for the service first before proceeding.

When you subscribe DAZN, you will have the exclusive privilege to use the service and watch canelo vs jacbos live stream free. The good thing about live streaming service is that you won’t need to attend the venue to witness your favorite fighter in action. Not to mention that you might be a mobile person who travel from one place to another. Or, perhaps you’ve just cut the cords so that you only have live streaming as the last option left.

The good thing about DAZN subscription is that you don’t need to spend hundred bucks to enjoy the service. The subscription-only costs $9.99 per month. So, instead of paying expensive PPV, you need to subscribe to the affordable DAZN service. It can make a significant investment since many professional boxers have signed a deal with DAZN to broadcast their fights in the live streaming provider.

Use DAZN While on the go

Besides using your PC or laptop or TV streaming box, you can also use DAZN in your smartphone or mobile device. DAZN also comes with the app that is available to download. DAZN is available through various streaming devices like Chromecast, Roku, PS 4, PS 3, Apple TV, Android, and even iOS Devices.

Watch Canelo vs Jacobs for free.

If you don’t prefer to spend money on Canelo vs. Jacobs, you can use DAZN free trial. DAZN offers 30-day free trial to new users in the US. However, it is only eligible for new users. If you are returning user and the free trial has expired, you won’t have the chance unless you create a new DAZN user.

Anyway, with the 30-day free trial from DAZN, you will be able to watch Canelo vs. Jacobs for free, without paying a single dime. You will have more time to watch canelo vs jacbos fight live stream. To do the trick well, you may register a day before the actual event happens. Then you will have 29 remaining free trial days to use. You can take as many benefits as you want from the trial period.

Watch Canelo vs Jacobs Live on PlayStation

First things first, make sure you have signed up for a PS Network account. Then you will need to connect your device to the internet. Look for DAZN app and install it in your machine. Update the app since the latest version will be great to stream the event. You can either Start your free trial or Start Subscription. If you are a new user, you don’t have to pay a single dime for using DAZN service for a month.

Watch Canelo vs Jacobs on Google Chromecast

You could start by using the same Wifi connection as your Chromecast and the latest version of DAZN app. Here you could download and install DAZN app to your smartphone or tablet. Then you need to choose the Chromecast symbol and choose the event you want to cast through the Chromecast. It should be easy if you are used to using your Chromecast.

Watch Canelo vs Jacobs on Roku

If you are using Roku, you could add new channels through Roku Channel Store. Enter the keyword “DAZN,” and you will find its icon immediately. You must be the registrant of DAZN to access the service in your Roku device. Once you’ve signed up the DAZN account, you can use the details to sign in on your Roku.

Watch Canelo vs Jacobs on Apple TV

Installing a new app on your Apple TV is easy. You could do like when you install another app. Type “DAZN” in the search bar and hit its icon to begin investing. You can sign up DAZN account right through your Apple TV. Hit the image to launch the up and choose the event to watch.

Watch Canelo vs Jacobs on Xbox

You will want to connect to your Xbox to the internet and sign up- for the account. Through the Xbox store, navigate and search DAZN app and install it in your device. DAZN app might be updating for some times although the developers won’t tell you exactly. So, be sure to check the updates. The latest version of DAZN app should be viable for watching Canelo vs. Jacobs on your Xbox.

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